CAC Programs

CAC Programs

The Cultural Arts Coalition offers educational empowerment programs that help at-risk youth develop leadership and healthy lifestyles.  The programs also teach the kid ways that they can protect our natural resources.

Throughout the years, the CAC has arranged intergenerational activities, produced an award winning video on recycling, hosted Kwanzaa celebrations, organized community exhibits and worships, and placed volunteers in public schools.

Our programs include:

Annual 5th Ave. Arts Festival
:  Celebrates African American culture through the arts

Environmental Ambassadors: A 5- week summer program that teaches teens to protect the environment while they gain job training skills.

Girl Power: Helps girls, ages 11-14 build strong minds, bodies and spirits by providing enriching experiences.

After School Science Program: Through science and math, students are taught to be good stewards of their enviornment

Arts in Public Schools:  Gives presentations of African and African American art and culture in schools

Environmental Youth Summit:  An event that brings together high school and college students to develop community projects.

Wilhelmina Johnson Center:  Home to the CAC, art exhibitions, culture programs and meeting space