How to Use Essential Oils Effectively

Essential Oils are one of the best and most natural ways to deal with your health and beauty care problems but adequate care must be taken when using it. Therefore as per our mission, we have found that stopping people from using the harmful products can also make them save some money so that they can contribute towards the education and awareness of children.  Many essential oils are quite strong and may cause your skin to burn if applied directly so one must be careful while using it. Here are a few safe ways to use an essential oil to improve your health and looks:

1. Inhaling the Essential Oil

One of the safest and most effective ways to use an essential oil is by inhaling it. You can use a diffuser, a hot compress or place it in hot water and then inhale the essential oil scent. Make sure that you never pour more than 10 drops of essential oil when inhaling it as prolonged inhalation can cause headaches, nausea, dizziness, etc. This is one of the most effective ways to deal with respiratory problems and headaches.

Essential Oils

2. Using it in baths

Another great way to use essential oils is by mixing them first with bath salts or emulsifiers like milk and sesame oil and then use it in the bath water. This will ensure that the essential oil gets properly distributed into the water and won’t get concentrated at the surface. Although make sure that you avoid using heating essential oils with the warm water as it can cause dermal toxicity.

You can use mild and safe essential oils like lavender oil, rose oil, geranium oil, etc. and mix 5-10 drops of these oils with the bath salts or emulsifiers. Make sure that you avoid using spicy oils in the bath like oregano oil, thyme oil, bergamot oil, etc. Using the mild essential oils in the bath can help in treating your skin problems, respiratory diseases, insomnia, muscular pains, and so on.

3. Using it in massages

Another effective way to use an essential oil is by diluting it with a carrier oil first and then applying it to your skin and massaging your body with it. Remember that your essential oil should be diluted 2.5% when using on a grown up and it should be diluted 1% if it is being used on children. So, if you are taking a 2.5% blend for a 1-ounce bottle of carrier oil then you must use 6 drops of the essential oil.

4. As a Facial Steam

You can also use essential oils in a face steam and can treat your blocked sinuses, headaches, and various skin troubles. Just use 1-5 drops of the essential oil in hot water and then place your face above it and cover it with a towel so that your face gets the steam.

5. Compressing it

You can also use essential oils by compressing it to your skin by adding 10 drops of an essential oil in 120 ml of hot water and then soaking a cloth with this oil-water mixture and wrapping it around the affected area. This is a popular way to treat wounds, bruises, skin problems, muscular pains and so on.

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